Running Smoothly, from One Cycle to the Next

As the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme’s Cycle 3 participants enjoy one of their last networking sessions over drinks, the mentors and mentees of Cycle 4 get ready for a new start at a Meet-&-Brief session

Despite limitations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme has been proceeding smoothly. Cycle 3 saw a total of 63 mentors and 82 mentees joining the programme, with 34 mentors and 20 mentees returning from previous cycles. 

Meeting Up with Cycle 3 

On Saturday, 19 February 2022, mentors and mentees from Cycle 3 of the programme gathered at Projector X to catch up and share their mentoring experience with their peers before the current cycle concludes. 

First-time mentor Mr Jenson Seah, who graduated from the Hospitality Business programme, felt the programme has given him an opportunity to stay connected with SIT and concurrently exchange knowledge and experience with his mentee. “We instantly clicked and I was able to provide academic and career guidance, and give her assurance and encouragement during her internship programme,” he shared. “I also enjoyed the meetup as it allowed us to have interaction in person.” 

Kicking off Cycle 4 

As Cycle 3 wraps up, the programme is getting into the swing of Cycle 4. A total of 40 alumni and 37 students participated in a Meet-&-Brief session on 21 and 23 February 2022, which provided them with a guide on what to expect in their upcoming roles as mentors and mentees. 

The alumni and students will next be matched into their respective mentor-mentee pairs when Cycle 4 officially commences in March 2022.