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Enclosing a Piece of Nature

You don’t need green thumbs to keep a mini garden in your home, as SITizens discover while building their own terrariums at a workshop organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network

6 Nov 2020
Terrarium Workshop


Terrariums are known to be convenient, low-maintenance options for people who enjoy having a patch of greenery around their home or office, but who are unable to commit to the upkeep of regular houseplants. SIT alumni had the pleasure of learning how to build their own enclosed terrariums at the Terrarium Making Workshop.

Organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network, the workshop was led by Mr Ivan Lim from Green Banana. The participants were provided with a workshop kit containing their terrarium “ingredients”, which included potted Fittonia plants, soil and pebbles. Mr Lim also introduced them briefly to other small plants such as succulents and airplants.

Under Mr Lim’s guidance, the participants slowly put together their terrariums layer by layer, starting with pebbles as a foundation. They could also exercise their creativity by using white sand to create patterns in the soil. “I enjoyed the decorating process because the personalised decorations makes the terrarium feel unique. It’s great to look at when I’m taking breaks from work,” said Ms Nurul Fitriyanee Binte Azmee, Chemical Engineering alumnus.

The next step was to transfer the fittonia plants from their original pots into the terrarium. Systems Engineering alum Ms Peony Ang, who started raising plants since the circuit breaker period, was intrigued by the process. “You don’t have to build a landscape and decorate with potted plants, so this was a different experience,” she said. “I enjoyed building it up with different types of stones and soil.”

The participants finished off by watering their plants with a pipette, then covered it with a lid to trap moisture. According to Mr Lim, while terrariums should normally be watered once a week, enclosed terrariums will be able to survive one to two weeks without watering.

SITizen's Terrariums
After placing the plants, participants also added their own figurines to complete the look, such as (from top left, clockwise): a pig, a Lego figurine, a star, and Santa Claus!

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