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The SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme now enters its second cycle, successfully pairing 50 mentees with 45 mentors

 2 APr 2021

Alumni Mentoring Programme Cycle 2
Mentors and mentees from SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme Cycle 2 enjoyed a fruitful first group meeting over dinner at Mezza9. 

Since the official start of the second cycle of the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme on 17 March 2021, 50 mentees have been successfully matched with 45 mentors – with as many as 10 mentors coming onboard for the second time after taking part in the first cycle.

The second cycle kicked off early in February, when separate mentor and mentee training-cum-briefing sessions were conducted. Mentors and mentees then had their first meeting online on 17 March, followed by dinner meet-ups starting 22 March, with safe management measures in place. 

Online Mentee Mentor Meet Up
All smiles around on the faces of mentors and mentees at their first online meet-up on 17 March!

Physiotherapy alumus Mr Tan Wei Liang is one of the 10 mentors who have taken part in both the first and second cycle of the Alumni Mentoring Programme organised by SIT’s Advancement & Alumni Division. He said, “I enjoy interacting with the younger generation to know what’s their impression of the profession, and I find it fulfilling to help them realise certain aspects of life and their career development.” Wei Liang has worked as a physiotherapist at various hospitals for five years and he is currently pursuing his Masters in Public Health. 

The first cycle of the SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme, which took place from September 2020 to March 2021, concluded its run with 52 successful mentor-mentee matches.

Mentor Chester Liew, a Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering alumnus and now an Assistant Project Manager at Keppel FELS Limited - who also took part in the first cycle - said, “I have benefitted by being able to practice reflective listening. I have also designed real-world situations that my mentee might encounter at work to improve his communication skills.” 

Said Mentee Brien Cheow, a BEng Civil Engineering undergraduate, “The programme granted me the knowledge, courage and inspiration to grow into a person I can be proud of.” 

Both Chester and Brien said they still keep closely in touch with their respective mentor and mentee. 

 A closing ceremony for mentees and mentors in the first cycle is in the works, scheduled for May 2021.

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