Communicating with Confidence

SIT alumni find their voices as they practise the art of speaking well, at a Zoom webinar organised by the SIT Alumni Career Network

Effective communication is an important part of everyday life and a critical skill in the workplace. SIT alumni learned to harness the power of their voices at Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, a Zoom webinar guided by Mr Brian Lee from Be The Voice Academy, held on 28 April 2021.


A concept introduced during the talk was the importance of word stress and speaking fluently. Stressing your words contributes to the clarity and meaning of your speech, ensuring that you can be clearly understood. Good speakers also have the power to influence others with their voice.

Ms Nur Wafiyah, a Physiotherapy alumnus, felt that this exercise helped to change the way she delivers messages in her speech. “I speak with other healthcare professionals, conduct talks and communicate with patients and their family members in my line of work,” she said. “This talk helped me understand how to engage my audience and ensure my message is delivered effectively.”


Mr Lee also shared that it is much more effective to control stage fright, a common issue with public speaking, rather than attempt to overcome it. Said Accountancy alumnus Mr Tan Yi Ming, “My biggest takeaway is to be confident. I can use personal stories as well as take note of volume and pauses in my speech to captivate my audience.” He felt that this webinar was very beneficial and would encourage more alumni to take up public speaking courses.