Calibrating Wellness

Computing Science alum Mr Bryan Se To starts digital platform linking users to practitioners providing pain-relief solutions

It was a wake-up call for Computing Science graduate Mr Bryan Se To that motivated him to develop Calibrate, a digital wellness platform.


The then 24 year-old tech consultant brushed off the numbness or tingling sensation experienced in his fingers and feet, until he found out via x-ray that he had a suspected case of pinched nerve. His doctor informed him that he has the body of a 40 year-old.


Bryan said, “Imagine someone telling you that you have your dad’s body! I was very frightened because I realised my posture for sitting, walking and sleeping has been wrong my entire life.” He realised he was not alone in his suffering after speaking to his managers. It turns out that they too were experiencing pain from the long hours at work but did not know how or where to seek help.


Drawing from the technical skills he acquired from his Bachelor of Science in Computing Science degree, Mr Se To built Calibrate. “From coding to software development framework, I’m implementing most of what I know at my startup. The various leadership positions I’ve held and student leadership boot camps I’ve experienced also helped me in influencing and inspiring my team at Calibrate,” he shared.


Launched in July 2021, the web-based application currently lists 27 businesses with a total of 61 practitioners. Calibrate focuses on optimising well-being through pain relief or pain management for sports injuries, postural issues and stress management, and users can find and book a practitioner under 20 minutes on the platform.

To do so, they can browse the practitioners that they are keen to seek treatment for (e.g. sports massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic), or select options based on their condition (e.g. back pain, body ache, etc), and make a booking on the system.


His sister Ms Maryann Se To has joined him in the business part-time since October 2020, but they only made the leap to full-time work on Calibrate in February 2021, after receiving the Startup SG Founder Grant. The grant is awarded to first-time entrepreneurs with differentiated businesses that identify a specific need and seek to address it.


Maryann now takes care of areas such as growth, partnerships, operations and business development, while Bryan tackles technology matters such as product discovery, design, delivery, maintenance and enhancement.


What will be his markers of success for Calibrate? “Recurring consistent profit, the number of countries expanded to, as well as when Calibrate becomes a listed company,” Bryan said. He is currently working on product market fit and for their upcoming milestone, the team is producing an AI powered assessment to empower users to quickly select, book and pay their practitioners under 5 minutes.


To find out more, check out Calibrate here.