Bespoke Hip Protector Enhances Safety of Fall-prone Seniors

Developed by SIT and G4 Pte Ltd, the lightweight and breathable EXO+ hip protector offers protection for fall-prone residents of Ren Ci Hospital

SIT and G4 Pte Ltd have collaborated with Ren Ci Hospital to develop a customised hip protector that offers good protection and comfort for fall-prone seniors. Ren Ci Hospital is the first facility in the community care sector to trial the EXO+, a lightweight hip protector made with breathable material for the local climate. The patented hip protector features a foam pad made of sandwiched layers of impact-absorbing foam and elastomers to cushion the wearer’s hip in the event of a fall.


Following positive feedback from residents, Ren Ci Hospital will be deploying the hip protector at both its nursing homes to selected residents with fall-risk potential due to gait or lower limb weakness.


“We expect hip fractures among seniors to be on the rise as the population ages. While there are existing hip protectors in the market,  most are not easy to put on. They also trap heat when worn for long hours and cause discomfort for the elderly. Compliance becomes a real issue. In comparison, EXO+ is easy to wear, more breathable, and suitable for our local climate – all the benefits that aid initial acceptance by our elderly residents. This removes problems with compliance, so our seniors, especially those with osteoporosis, can avoid potentially life-threatening hip fractures,” said Ms Tan Tzuu Ling, Assistant Director, Nursing at Ren Ci Hospital.