Beauty in a Capsule

SITizens try their hand at mini Korean-style bouquet wrapping, capturing preserved flowers in a capsule at a workshop organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network

Floral arrangements can be a simple and effective way to beautify a space, or just be great mood boosters when you look at them. From 28-29 August 2021, a total of 55 SITizens gathered on Zoom to learn the basics of floral arrangement and mini bouquet wrapping at the Floral Capsule workshop, organised by the SIT Alumni Leisure Network and led by Ms Ong Yi Ting from DIY workshop café Make Your Own.


Working with a selection of dried flowers – with unique names such as the star flower, bunny tail and broom, as well as a clear, oval-shaped capsule to contain their completed bouquet – the participants started off by selecting their main and secondary flowers, which would determine the focal and complementary points of the bouquet.


Ms Sayaka Tatekura, a Chemical Engineering graduate, who had previously attended other types of floral arrangement workshops such as box flower arrangements, felt that this was relatively easy to follow. “I enjoyed putting the bouquet in the capsule and it was nice to see everything come together so nicely,” she said. To complete the look, the participants were also given a black stand to hang the capsule and display their handiwork.

Dried flower arrangements have been gaining popularity over the years due to their longevity. Ms Ong explained that such flower arrangements can last for at least two years before disintegrating. Before securing their bouquets in the capsule, the participants also received tips on how to wrap them in an attractive manner with layers of wrapping paper.


Mechatronics alumnus Mr Muhammad Zulfiqar felt the process was much easier than expected. “It was quite enjoyable, and the finished product looks beautiful and easy to maintain,” he said, adding that it would also make a great gift for loved ones. “I gave it to my fiancée and she melted,” he revealed. “She gave me an A-star for effort since it was hand-made and way more special than just buying from a shop.”