A Meeting of Mentoring Minds

Mentors from the SIT Alumni Programme gather to hear industry experts share their experiences on leadership and mentoring

The SIT Alumni Mentoring Programme is getting back into the full swing of physical events, the latest being the Cycle 4 Mentor Get-Together on Wednesday, 22 June 2022. Alumni Mentors from Cycle 4 gathered at The Working Class restaurant and bar to catch up and network over food and drinks. 

The event was also a valuable opportunity for them to meet with industry leaders. Mr Harry Wong, CEO & Co-Founder, NebulasTree, Ms Wendy Leow, Deputy Director, finexis advisory, and Mr Louis Khoo, Director, Kimly Construction were specially invited to share their expertise and experience in mentoring and leadership. 

One key message of the night was the importance of communication in mentoring relationships. Mr Khoo encouraged the mentors to connect with their mentees on a “human” level, while Ms Leow spoke about how a good mentor has a good pair of listening ears and the ability to give direct feedback. 

Aerospace Engineering Alumnus Mr Esmond Lim shared, “Getting to hang out with the other mentors was a great way to understand their experiences with their mentees and their takeaways, lessons and frustrations.” He added, “The industry speakers had great insights into leadership and mentorship, and their motivational points and thoughts were helpful too.” 

Ms Joanne Wang, an Accountancy graduate, enjoyed spending time with her fellow alumni. She said, “It felt like a catch-up session with my course mates at a good place with decent food.”