A Bundle of Colours

SITizens learn about natural dyeing and how to create unique and beautiful botanical patterns on silk scarves at this Alumni Leisure Network workshop

SIT alumni gathered at traditional fibre craft studio WithAutumn on Saturday, 13 August 2022 to try natural dyeing at the Bundle Dyeing Silk Scarf Workshop, led by Ms Autumn Brown. As the name suggests, natural dyeing uses dyes extracted from natural resources such as plants, herbs and even insects, resulting in beautiful colours.


Each of the 36 participants were given a silk scarf to dye in their own unique style. Ms Brown demonstrated how they could create speckled effects and other patterns using the selection of dried flowers and various extracts.

Physiotherapy alumnus Mr Lee Hao Nam had previously heard of scarf dyeing, but found the experience to be different from what he imagined (in a good way). “The workshop was interactive and fun! It allowed us to get our hands dirty and unleash our creative juices for the entire dyeing process.”


Ms Nur Syazreema Binte Sazari, a Computing Science alumnus, said, “I have tried normal painting but not dyeing using natural materials. Love how simple but unique the whole process was.”