The SIT Teaching and Learning Academy (STLA – pronounced as ‘stellar’) aims to develop thought leadership and expertise in applied learning and competency-based education (CBE) through capability building, promotion of best practices and contextualised, data-driven insights.


Leadership in Learning Innovation

By developing thought leadership in applied and active learning, leveraging cutting-edge educational technology, and conducting extensive research in learning science, we aim to empower educators and learners with the essential knowledge, tools, and strategies required for success.


Capability Building in CBE

CBE is a unique approach to education that focusses on assessing and developing specific competencies or skills. STLA aims to equip our academic staff with the knowledge and skills to develop relevant, coherent, and rigorous competency frameworks, instructional materials, and assessments.

In time to come, we hope to build learning communities, both locally and globally, to advance CBE together.

To empower learners, we will provide a personalised academic experience for each one, giving them the flexibility to progress at their own pace. Instead of focussing on the number of hours a learner spends in a classroom, we believe that learning is best measured by demonstration of competencies; so while the learning is fixed, the time taken to master learning can vary. While learning is self-paced, learners are not left on their own. With the support of dedicated instructors and the use of learning analytics, each learner is guided to the desired level of competency mastery.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a comprehensive process that assesses and evaluates the skills and knowledge already acquired by learners, granting them access or credits towards their further education at SIT. The key benefits of RPL would include:


Improved Access to Education

Learners can apply for degree programmes using their relevant work experience and informal learning.

Reduced Time and Cost

Learners can use their existing knowledge and skills to earn credits for courses or programmes, thereby reducing the amount of time and money required to invest in formal education.


Improved Self-efficacy and Motivation

By recognising a learner’s competencies, RPL fosters enhanced self-esteem and motivation. The awareness of one’s own skills can boost the individual’s self-efficacy and confidence to undertake further learning.

Improved Job Prospects

Learners are able to articulate their tacit knowledge and skills, which facilitates recognition of their competencies. This helps to foster a mindset around skills-based hiring and career advancement.

Coaching for Success

In addition to instructors from SIT, our team of qualified success coaches provides dedicated support to in-employment learners throughout their CBE journey. These coaches work closely with each learner to develop personalised academic goal-setting plans, tailored to their individual needs.

Through the success coaches, learners have access to a wide range of resources and additional support services, giving them the necessary tools to navigate their academic journey successfully. The success coaches also partner programme instructors in monitoring and pacing learners, encouraging, and celebrating with learners as they journey through different milestones.


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