Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary

Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary

The Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan Bursary was established to support financially disadvantaged and deserving undergraduates pursuing a full-time degree programme at the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT).

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Students enrolled in a full-time undergraduate degree programme at Singapore Institute of Technology.
  • Singapore Citizens of Hokkien descent (as determined by the student’s birth certificate).
  • Singapore Citizens of other ethnic and dialect groups. 
  • Household Per Capita Income (PCI) less than or equal to S1,000.
  • Good performance at selection interview.


Tenure and Benefits of the Bursary:

  • Each bursary is valued at S$3,000 and is tenable for one Academic Year.
  • The bursary will be used to fund the recipient’s tuition fees, course materials and other education-related expenses.
  • Recipient of this bursary may hold another Bursary concurrently.
  • No bond is required of the recipient.



Application dates & submission instructions can be found here


About the Donor:

This Bursary has been made possible with a gift from Singapore Leong Khay Huay Kuan, a clan association which endeavours to preserve Chinese language and culture, promote education and social welfare, as well as benefit the Hokkien community and Singapore society at large.