Do I meet the eligibility criteria to apply for scholarships?

Generally, other than a good interview performance, scholarships are awarded based on merit. Applicants are expected to have excelled academically, possess strong leadership qualities and strong CCA records.

You may wish to refer to the Scholarships Information for the scholarships eligibility criteria.

How do I apply for scholarships?

SIT administers a range of scholarships to which you may apply for during your admissions application.

For all other scholarships you may refer to the list of scholarships available at SIT.

When is the application period for scholarship?

All new applicants to SIT, can apply for SIT administered scholarships during the admissions period.

Current students, who are not in receipt of any other scholarships, can look out for the SIT administered mid term scholarships in the month of July each year.

For all other non-SIT administered scholarships, please refer to the respective scholarships information.

Can I change my scholarship choices after submitting my admissions application?

You may write in to to assist with the amendment of your scholarship choices.

I am a Returning National Serviceman (RNS). Can I still apply for scholarships?

Yes. Upon your confirmation in returning to SIT, you may submit a scholarship application through the admissions portal.

Is there a bond attached to the scholarships?

SIT students have access to a range of bonded and bond-free scholarships. Applicants should check with the scholarship providers if unsure.

What is expected of me if I am awarded a scholarship?

All scholars, as ambassadors of SIT and their sponsoring organisation, are expected to be leading role models of the student body. Beyond that, they should be adding value to SIT’s community standing in a responsible manner.

Most scholarships also require the recipient to maintain academic excellence during the scholarship term. Successful applicants can check on this with their sponsoring organisation.

When can I expect to learn of the outcome of my scholarship application?

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted regarding their applications. Successful applicants will then be forwarded an offer letter for the scholarship.

Can I apply for a scholarship if I am an International Student?

There are limited number of scholarships applicable for International Students. Awarding of this scholarship is subject to the applicant meeting all the selection criteria.

Applicants may refer to the individual scholarship pages for International Student eligibility to the scholarships on offer.

I still have questions on Scholarships, who can I contact to find out more?

You may contact the Admissions Division at 6592 1136 during office hours.

Alternatively, you may write in to with your enquiry. Be sure to include your particulars and contact information for our ease of follow-up.