The Safety Systems Engineering Scholarship

The Safety Systems Engineering Scholarship is established to attract and nurture students with a passion for engineering - specifically undergraduates at SIT who are pursuing degree programmes in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing Engineering and Mechanical Design Engineering.


Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • They are enrolled in the following degree programmes: Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering (Newcastle University) and the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Design Engineering (University of Glasgow)

  • Singapore Citizens

  • Achieved outstanding academic results

  • Made significant contributions beyond academic studies to the Institute or the community and in particular to causes related to Engineering

  • Demonstrated leadership qualities preferably to encourage interest in the Engineering profession

  • Preference will be given to applicants with household per capita income (PCI) less than or equal to $850

  • Good performance at selection interview

Tenure and Benefits of Scholarship

  • One scholarship valued at $ 6,500 will be awarded in academic year 2016

  • The Scholarship shall be used for the recipients’ tuition fees as well as study-related expenses such as the overseas immersion programme and purchase of books and laptops as needed

  • No bond is required of the recipient

About the Donor

This Scholarship has been made possible with a gift from Safety Systems Engineering Pte Ltd, a recognised Safety Specialist in the fields of Integrated Fire & Gas Detection and Releasing Systems and Industrial Communication Systems, Safety Systems Engineering and Equipment for Hazardous and Demanding Environments and Helideck Lightings & Navigational Aids Systems.

Application Period:  10 July - 30 July

  • Application instructions can be found here

    • Personal statement - Applicants are to include one example where you have used your engineering background or skills to create or build things to benefit the community or people.