Exploiting Distributed GEneration Programme

The Exploiting Distributed GEneration (EDGE) Programme focuses on next-generation energy technologies. This first-of-its-kind grant scheme builds capabilities in distributed energy technologies to prepare Singapore for an increasingly decentralised energy landscape.

With more distributed energy resources, it is important to manage and integrate them with the national power system. The EDGE programme aims to:

  • Enhance Singapore’s power engineering capabilities, focusing on microgrids and distributed energy resources through open grant calls to support collaborative research between Institutes of Higher Learning and the industry.
  • Build capabilities to operate and manage a micro-grid testbed at SIT Punggol. The campus microgrid, when ready in 2024, will be part of the national infrastructure, open to industry and academia for research, development and demonstration.

Grant Objectives

The grant call aims to strengthen and develop new capabilities in the areas of distributed generation to prepare Singapore for a decentralised energy system, through electrical power engineering.

There are 2 domain research areas for this grant call:

  • Interconnection and Management of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) with Utility Grid to Provide Non-Homogeneous Power Quality. Develop the optimal architecture and strategies for interconnection of DERs with the utility grid and for management of these DERs to provide differentiated levels of power delivery service to different categories of end-use loads, with the aim of reducing the overall costs of energy delivery in the electricity supply chain.
  • Asset Management with Computational Intelligence Based Predictive Maintenance that can manage a Large Number of DERs including Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Technologies. Develop technologies and methodologies to efficiently and economically manage and maintain the projected increased number of DERs (including V2G applications) in the future power network with the aim of optimising total life-cycle cost.
Edge Objectives

Grant Call Details

 Launch Date: 15 July 2022
 Closing Date: 15 Oct 2022
 Multiple Submissions by same organisation: Not allowed
 Funding Source: Singapore Institute of Technology

Further information on funding support, eligibility, submission process, and evaluation criteria can be found in the Request for Proposal Document.

For enquiries on this Grant Call, send us an email.

EDGE Grant Call Date