Postgraduate by Research

Deepen your specialist knowledge in your profession through research. Groom the next generation of innovative leaders in your organisation that fit your firm’s strategy. 

SIT’s Industrial Postgraduate programmes are tailored for individuals and companies focused on developing talents to innovate and advance knowledge which is at the forefront of professional practice. Under the joint supervision of an academia and industry expert, you will get hands-on practice in combining industry-focused research with management knowledge to solve critical business problems. 

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Retain your career while you study

At SIT, we offer Industrial Master and Industrial Doctorate research-based programmes for professionals to deepen their specialist knowledge at the postgraduate level without leaving their career. Our postgraduates are champions of change and will make innovative advances in their organisation's business, practice, or processes. 

They will develop:

  • Ability to innovate and make improvements to current professional practice.
  • Ability to conceptualise, design, and implement projects to generate innovation and new knowledge with industrial applications.
  • Mastery of a range of techniques and skills required for professional practice.

What you will learn

Our Industrial Postgraduate Programmes allow you to gain the skills, knowledge and expertise you need to really stand out from the crowd, and at the same time, to develop talent pipeline at the postgraduate level for the industry. The objective of these programmes is to equip professionals with applied research skills and industrial management knowledge, where the graduates of these programmes are envisioned to be able to make innovative advances in their organisation's business, practice or processes.

We offer the following Postgraduate by Research degree programmes.  Do not miss the chance to specialise in your field and advance your knowledge of a particular subject area!

By Coursework

Tailored for working professionals looking to obtain Professional/Chartered Engineer certification, you will develop deep knowledge and skills of relevance to the industry. Our programmes facilitate credit mobility among the European Union universities.

  1. Master of Science Chemical Engineering
    Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
  2. MSc Civil Engineering
    Master of Science in Civil Engineering
  3. MSc Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    Master of Science in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  4. mechanical engineering
    Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

By Research

SIT offers Industrial Masters and Industrial Doctorate research-based programmes for mid-career professionals to deepen their specialist knowledge at the postgraduate level, without leaving their careers. Read more

  1. Doctor of Clinical Research
    Doctor of Clinical Research in Health Sciences
  2. Doctor of Engineering
    Doctor of Engineering
  3. Master of Clinical Research in Health Sciences
    Master of Clinical Research in Health Sciences
  4. Master of Engineering
    Master of Engineering

Customised modules to meet your needs and your organisation’s business goals.

You can tailor your preferred mix of core, specialisation, and non-credit bearing modules to meet your individual knowledge and developmental needs, which can be completed over the period of your candidature. In addition to the coursework component, you must submit an industry research project thesis to graduate. You will be mentored by both academia and industry supervisors throughout your candidature.

Your company benefits too

Outcomes derived from projects have the potential to translate into new products/services for your company. After all, they are nurturing future technological leaders by training employees to perform R&D in an industrial context. Your employer will be given opportunities to interact with SIT faculty in the research domain to facilitate industry-academia technological exchange.


Current employees of companies with recognised Bachelor degree qualifications can apply. You can remain as a salaried employee at any of SIT’s partnering companies, while pursuing full-time graduate studies with SIT.

Before undertaking the programme

You are invited to initiate a discussion with SIT faculty on an industry-related research project that can be jointly crafted by your sponsoring company and SIT, focused on solving an organisational or industry challenge. 


Has a project in mind? Reach out to discuss the possibility of collaboration.