Students are required to complete six core modules and four elective modules, amounting to a total of 60-ECTS-credits. The modules currently offered are as listed.

Module Code Module Title Credits
CHE6001 Advanced Mathematical Methods in Chemical Engineering 6
CHE6002   Advanced Reaction Engineering 6
CHE6003 Advanced Thermodynamics 6
CHE6004 Advanced Process Control 6
CHE6005 Advanced Transport Phenomena 6
CHE6006 Advanced Separation Processes 6
CHE6011 Chemical Process Safety 6
CHE6012 Advanced Bioprocessing 6
CHE6013 Membrane Technology 6
CHE6014 Polymer Engineering 6
CHE6015 Speciality and Fine Chemicals 6
CHE6016 Advanced Optimisation Methods in Chemical Engineering 6
CHE6017 Chemical Process Pathways 6
CHE6018 Process Modelling and Simulation 6
CHE6019 Waste to Energy Technologies 6
CHE6020 Quantitative Risk Analysis 6
CHE6050 Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering 1 6
CHE6051 Advanced Topics in Chemical Engineering 2 6
CHE6090 Industrial Research Project 6