University of Liverpool

The University of Liverpool is one of the great centres of research, knowledge and innovation. Its pioneering reputation attracts students, experts and partners from around the world. Through research, teaching and collaboration, the university seeks to be life-changing and world-shaping. As a member of the Russell Group comprising the United Kingdom’s 24 leading research-intensive universities, it has been one of the UK’s leading centres for sociology, social policy and criminology for over 100 years. Throughout its history, the university has influenced society with novel research insights in fields such as crime, health, welfare, housing, inequality and the operation of political power at local, national and global levels. Today, it is internationally renowned for its research and has a dynamic community of academic staff and students who work together in a shared spirit of discovery.

Its Department of Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology offers a unique environment for you to study social science as a critical, evidence-based discipline that inspires constructive suggestions for social reform. This shared pursuit of research-based knowledge in support of social justice sets this department apart from most of its contemporaries in the UK and beyond.