Other Local Diplomas

Other Local Diplomas

Applicants who hold other local diplomas and qualifications equivalent to Year-12 formal qualifications may be considered for admission to selected programmes on a case-by-case basis. For programme-specific requirements, please refer here.

NUS High School Diploma

Applicants with the NUS High School (NUSH) Diploma may be considered for admission to selected programmes.

In addition, NUSH applicants must meet one of the following Mother Tongue Language (MTL) requirements:

  • A minimum 'S' grade for the H1 or H2 MTL paper or General Studies in Chinese taken at the GCE A Level examination
  • Pass in the MTL 'B' Syllabus paper at the A Level examination
  • A minimum D7 for the higher MTL paper taken at the O Level examination.

For those who are exempted from MTL, the MOE-approved subject-in-lieu will be considered as their MTL subject. Those who have not fulfilled the MTL requirement may still apply for admission with no prejudice to their application. However, if accepted, they will be required to (i) attain any of the minimum requirements as a private candidate, or (ii) attend equivalent courses conducted by language schools, which are approved by SIT, before being allowed to graduate.

LASALLE and NAFA Diploma

Applicants with LASALLE and NAFA Diplomas may be considered for admission to the design-related full-time degree programmes – BA (Hons) Interior Design, BA (Hons) Communication Design and BFA in Digital Art and Animation.

SHATEC and At-Sunrice WSQ Diplomas

Applicants with SHATEC and At-Sunrice WSQ Diplomas may be considered for admission to the full-time Food Business Management degree programmes. Applicants should have acquired at least six months of relevant work experience (in the food industry, either front-of-the-house or back-of-the-house, preparing 50% food from scratch), with a letter of recommendation from their employer or faculty. Additionally, applicants may also furnish proof of culinary portfolios or competitions which they have participated in.

BCA Academy Diploma

Applicants with relevant BCA Academy Diplomas may be considered for admission to related full-time degree programmes. For details, please refer to the specific eligibility requirements on the respective degree programme pages or the relevant diplomas list.

Work-Study Diploma

Applicants with the Work-Study Diploma from the Institute of Technical Education may be considered for admission to related full-time degree programmes, subject to meeting the admission requirements of the respective programmes. Equivalent qualifications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.