Information and Communications Technology (Information Security)
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Lim Yoong Jin
Management Associate, Associate Consultant, Trustwave

I had the privilege to travel to Beijing with my course-mates to attend DEFCON, an international hacker convention, as part of SIT’s Global/Regional Exposure to Advanced Technology (GREAT) programme. At the conference, I learnt about current trends and attended masterclasses to gain in-depth, hands-on knowledge and skills on topics such as Internet of Things (IoT) hacking. 


John Ho
Chief Technology Officer, Aegis Technologies Pte Ltd

Aegis Technologies has had the pleasure to offer IWSP opportunities to several batches of SIT students over the years. We were very pleased with SIT students as they have demonstrated strong foundation knowledge and their ability to deliver challenging tasks during the work attachment. These young talents are well-equipped with skills and knowledge that are more than just paper qualifications, and will definitely have a competitive edge in their future careers.

Yu Pengfei
Associate Cybersecurity Specialist, GovTech Singapore

At SIT, I am encouraged to take part in many cybersecurity competitions that allowed me to pitch my mind against the brightest undergraduates from all around the world and learn from them.


Jeremy Woo
Director, APJ Technical Business Development, Leo Infocomm Pte Ltd

SIT’s Information Security programme continues to develop great talents with the necessary fundamentals, specialised in-depth knowledge, and technical skills in cybersecurity. The partnership with SIT has allowed us to further groom these talents to be equipped as cybersecurity specialists for any industry. These talents have embraced challenges with professionalism and innovation as the industry continues to transform digitally.