Speech and Language Therapy
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Mindy Chiang
Principal Speech Therapist and Head of Rehabilitative Services, Changi General Hospital

The SIT faculty have invested a lot of thought, commitment and heart into the creation of the Speech and Language Therapy programme. This programme brings together various modes and models of teaching that provide plenty of opportunities for students to learn and put what they have learnt into practice. 


Melissa Chua
Head and Senior Principal Speech Therapist, Sengkang General Hospital

As the only local, autonomous university that offers a bachelor’s degree in Speech and Language Therapy, this programme will provide students with a robust and relevant curriculum that caters to the rapidly changing landscape of Singapore’s healthcare sector. The faculty, who are also clinical practitioners themselves, are well renowned in their respective fields of speech-language therapy, and students will be able to learn from their expertise. Students will be able to contextualise their learning through the clinical placements, which no class or textbook can replicate. As part of their clinical placements, students will be exposed to interprofessional work and direct patient care experiences, which are invaluable.