Pharmaceutical Engineering
what others
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Ng Xin Hui
Process Engineer, Pfizer Asia Manufacturing Pte Ltd

I've had the privilege to do my IWSP at my current organisation, Pfizer Asia Manufacturing, where I was challenged to come up with solutions for the various manufacturing processes. The modules taught at SIT were relevant and applicable, thus allowing me to assimilate into my current role as a process engineer seamlessly.


Lim Xun Xiang Bryan
Manufacturing Associate, Amgen Singapore Manufacturing Pte Ltd

I pursued Pharmaceutical Engineering as it fits my criteria of working hands-on, whilst being able to help others through the creation of pharmaceutical drugs. The programme syllabus is closely related to the operations of the pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, enabling me to assimilate seamlessly into the workforce.


Debbie Lee
Principal Scientist, Tychan Pte Ltd

Partnering with SIT offers collaborators access to students who are enthusiastic and have a specific interest in Pharmaceutical Engineering. This is beneficial for industry partners as the students have a good understanding of the processes used in the industry, and they have practical experience in using relevant equipment and technology. SIT’s IWSP has provided us with the opportunity to train students and identify future employees for the company. As the students have already spent time working in the company, they are familiar with the environment and the processes, which will enable a smooth transition without additional training required.

Karishma N Mehta
Research Assistant, Department of Ophthalmology, NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine

During my Integrated Work Study Programme stint at A*STAR’s Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, I was able to showcase my skills and knowledge, allowing me to secure and continue my employment with the institute. I am also excited to work on pursuing my PhD soon.