Aircraft Systems Engineering
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Sin Zi Chang
Trainee Licensed Aircraft Engineer, SIA Engineering Company

I am extremely grateful to be taught by experienced and encouraging lecturers and mentors, whom I can turn to for advice. Assessments are conducted through weekly assignments and group presentations, rather than examinations. This mode of learning has helped me develop greater insight and increase my level of understanding of Aircraft Systems Engineering.


Teo Taiyong
Maintenance Training Instructor, SIA Engineering Company

SIT students show a keen interest in understanding how the various aircraft systems operate. They are enthusiastic in understanding the nuts and bolts of these systems and their inner workings. I feel these are traits necessary to build a strong foundation and will put them in good stead for their future careers as Licensed Aircraft Engineers.

William Tok
Technical Skills Instructor, SIA Engineering Company

SIT students are very engaged during the skills training sessions. Most of them have a strong sense of purpose. I suppose they have made up their mind on their career choice and want to make a good head start. Quite a couple of them actually demonstrated a degree of familiarity as if they had prior experience. I find them to be a well-disciplined batch.

Nur Aimann Binte Ahmad Zuhri
Trainee Aircraft Engineer, SIA Engineering Company

The Capstone Project has allowed me to explore real challenges that the aviation industry is facing and has allowed me to research and suggest solutions for the company that I work with to troubleshoot their problems.