Food Business Management (Culinary Arts + Baking and Pastry Arts) (The Culinary Institute of America)
what others
are saying
Ivan Brehm
Chef/Owner, Nouri and Appetite

CIA students are well prepared and knowledgeable. They stand substantially above other institutes and are the future leaders of the industry.

Tristan Farmer
Executive Chef, Restaurant Zen, Michelin Star Restaurant

It is a pleasure to work with the students each year, when they come to spend their final internship with us. I feel they are the best students from any of the culinary schools in Singapore. I have also worked in many different countries and I would also say the calibre of students is some of the best I have experienced.

Nate Norris
Executive Chef, Zuni Restaurant, San Francisco, CA

CIA Singapore has provided the most well-prepared culinary interns I have ever encountered. Their basis of knowledge is broad and is accompanied by practiced skills and technique. Their workplace professionalism serves as an example for all. During their internship tenure, they show remarkable ability to build upon the foundations learned in school to take on greater responsibility with demonstrable success.

Dave Pynt
Chef/Owner, Burnt Ends Hospitality Group

When a CIA graduate joins us, they are ready to go. They have strong cooking fundamentals and have a clear understanding of expectations and what it takes to be successful in this industry.

Mohamed Noorhadi Bin Habib Mohameed
Graduate (2019) Food Business Management

I love interacting with our mentors, professors and chefs, as they make lessons so engaging and practical. I was constantly challenged to push boundaries and have built my confidence in planning and executing arduous tasks. Now, I have an improved understanding, admiration and respect for this industry, and my craft.