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Mobility Scooter Users
Occupational Therapy

Many people have disabilities that necessitate the use of powered mobility devices. Mobility scooters may be preferred over power wheelchairs, as they are generally more affordable and perceived as less stigmatising. To further understand their needs and experiences, our faculty member and a team of Year 3 Occupational Therapy students conducted research on mobility scooter users. It was found that participants have positive experiences with the scooter, especially after receiving professional training, which can improve safety for users and others. This finding can be helpful to URA and LTA in developing future road system designs and policies.

Augmented Reality Games to Enhance Vocational Ability of Patients (REAP)
Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy and Infocomm Technology faculty members have teamed up with Bizlink Centre Singapore Ltd to develop a gamified vocational rehabilitation platform using augmented reality (AR) for persons with cognitive problems. This will enable them to improve their vocational skills and be trained in a fun and safe environment.

Executive Function Performance Test – Singapore (EFPT-SG)
Occupational Therapy

A team of Occupational Therapy faculty member and Year 3 and 4 students have teamed up with external collaborators from Tan Tock Seng Hospital Rehabilitation Services to assess the effect of executive dysfunction on daily living, which is vital for managing the stroke population. Research findings from the Executive Function Performance Test – Singapore (EFPT-SG) can help occupational therapists with the problems, goals, and intervention plan for post-stroke patients.