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11:00 AM
Embedded Machine Learning
Master Class Information and Communications Technology
Room 331
11:00 AM
Visual Design
Master Class Digital Art and Animation
Room 332
11:00 AM
Using Data to Mislead
Master Class Digital Communications and Integrated Media
Summit 2
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Jarrod Chua Jun Yuan
Year 2, Digital Communications and Integrated Media
I pursued Digital Communications and Integrated Media at SIT because I'm passionate about communication on a deeper level. I want to be able to apply what I've learned to improve myself as a space communicator and alleviate my space communication brand to greater heights.
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Gwyneth Ang Yee Lyn
Co-founder and Director, One Prawn & Co
As an F&B entrepreneur, I am grateful for the well-rounded experience from The Culinary Institute of America, which equipped me with valuable industry experience even before graduation. The internships and exposure to various disciplines in the culinary world have greatly provided me with a head start in my career.
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Phoon Teng Teng
Year 3, Accountancy
SIT has given me a very eventful university life. As the president of SITintegrates, a global citizenship project that benefits the migrant brothers and an SIT scholar, I am motivated to step out of my comfort zone and take up challenging responsibilities.
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Mukesh Balu Chitiran
Lean Specialist, General Electric Aerospace (Singapore)
SIT's practical approach to learning, with its hands-on, real-world projects, and emphasis on critical thinking, has provided me with the necessary skills to tackle problems in the workplace. During my IWSP at SBS Transit, my teammates and I implemented a software tool to streamline operations and costs, which won a productivity award.
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Nur Zam Zam Shah Bin Supari
Executive Engineer, SP Group
I appreciate that my Electrical Power Engineering degree has reinforced the core competencies of analysis, design, and problem-solving. As an executive engineer in the power industry, I apply these skills daily to solve practical problems and develop innovative solutions at work.
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Tan Ellice
Year 2, Robotics Systems
Industry 4.0 is the next big thing in engineering, and I want to be part of it. The Robotics Systems degree programme at SIT will ensure that I get the relevant knowledge and skills to be a robotics engineer after graduation.
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Samuel Koh Jia Hao
Year 3, Electronics and Data Engineering
SIT is my university of choice as I resonate with the teaching style, similar to my previous polytechnic education. Aside from that, I was attracted to the Integrated Work Study Programme (IWSP) as this will enable me to garner substantial work experience.
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Pamela Tan Pei Wen
Year 2, Marine Engineering [Naval Architecture]
Being in SIT taught me to embrace every opportunity that comes my way and make the best out of it. I took up the role of the president of my programme's student management committee, where we plan various activities and events for the student body. Although it can be challenging, it also builds my confidence to do better in life, which I see as a fun and fulfilling learning experience.
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Aaron Siow Kairen
Year 4, Food Technology
I chose SIT because it focuses on preparing students for the industry. With a good balance of academic and industrial training that aims to tackle current real-world issues, I knew that I would be operationally ready and relevant in today's ever-evolving dynamic work environment.
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Lim Xiao Hui
Research Officer, Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)
As an SIT graduate, I am well-equipped to work in a multi-faceted environment. The interdisciplinary curriculum with a strong industry-focused education has prepared me with the necessary knowledge and skillsets to become a competent researcher as well as a PhD student.
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Melvinder Singh
Year 4, Pharmaceutical Engineering
SIT taught me that you are in control of your learning. The projects are so interesting and diverse that you could let your ideas go wild. I am excited to apply the diverse engineering skills taught to us and hopefully, set a footprint and make a substantial change in the pharma industry.
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Pang Zhuo Wei
Diagnostic Radiographer, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
I am grateful for the opportunities given by SIT, such as working on cross-disciplinary projects with Finnish students. During my OEP, I was granted the opportunity to participate in a joint project between SIT and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in publishing an article on managing radiation dosage in CT images.
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Faye Chan
Physiotherapist, The Salvation Army Peacehaven Nursing Home
Since I was three, dance has been my passion as I appreciate its movements and importance. I had to undergo physiotherapy due to numerous injuries. Since then, I have been intrigued by how meaningful this profession is, which spurred and motivated me to serve others.
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Fayeza D/O Mohamed Rafi
Year 2, Dietetics and Nutrition
SIT is the only university that offers a degree in Dietetics and Nutrition that would allow me to become a practising dietitian. I believe that food has the ability to determine one’s health, and my passion for inspiring others to practice a healthier diet without forgoing flavour did not require much deliberation.
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Liu Qiumei
Radiographer, National University Health System
I was looking for a career switch opportunity which would allow me to contribute positively to society. Having always been interested in healthcare and the study of human anatomy, I decided to apply to Diagnostic Radiography via the Career Conversion Programme (CCP), which allowed me to convert my interest into a career.
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Tey Zhi Peng Gaivin
Graduate (2022), Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering) [Computer Engineering]]
The student life at SIT is enriching. As the president of the SIT Community Service Club, I am passionate about volunteering to help the many marginalised groups in our society. After graduation, I hope to work on new technologies to improve society and impact people positively.
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Yeo Yue Heng
Year 4, Information and Communications Technology (Software Engineering)
SIT graduates are as competitive as graduates from other universities. Contrary to popular belief that SIT graduates have a difficult time being hired, our university equips us with industrial-recognised skillsets that prepare us.
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Belle Sim Bei-Er
Year 3, Information Communications and Technology (Software Engineering)
As an aspiring software engineer, I want to create products that can help improve individuals’ quality of life. I believe that SIT prepares me beyond technical skills and provides opportunities to hone my leadership skills. As the president of the ICT Student Management Committee, I effectively organise and execute memorable events for the student body in the programme.
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Hanna Amani Binte Mahmud
Software Engineer, Continental AG
I chose Computer Science and Game Design as I have always been fascinated by how games are created and have always enjoyed playing them. Over time, I have realised what goes into creating games, which intensified my interest in computer science. One day, I hope to develop games that have a global reach and inspire others to perpetuate the cycle of creativity.
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Tan Fu Wei
Year 4, Information and Communications Technology (Information Security)
As an Information Security undergraduate, I am committed to learning about new ways to protect our digital world. I am a kinesthetic learner and thrive on hands-on assignments so a university that provides creative and innovative learning methods like SIT is perfect for me.

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11:00 AM
The Life of a Chemical Engineer - A Surprising Path
Panel Discussion Chemical Engineering
Room 333
11:00 AM
Exploring the ASE Career Opportunities
Panel Discussion Aircraft Systems Engineering
Room 334
12:00 PM
Future Trends in IoT & Cloud Computing
Panel Discussion Computing Science
Summit 2