What will you build for tomorrow’s world? Explore degree programmes in aerospace, civil, electrical, mechanical, marine, and data engineering.

  1. Aerospace Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering
  2. Aircraft Systems Engineering
    Aircraft Systems Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
    Civil Engineering
  4. Telematics (Intelligent Transportation Systems Engineering)
    Computer Engineering
  5. Electrical Power Engineering
    Electrical Power Engineering
  6. Electronics and Data Engineering
    Electronics and Data Engineering
  7. Marine Engineering
    Marine Engineering
  8. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
    Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Engineering
  9. Mechanical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
  10. Mechatronics Systems
  11. Naval Architecture
    Naval Architecture
  12. Offshore Engineering
    Offshore Engineering
  13. Robotic Systems
    Robotics Systems
  14. Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)
    Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services)
  15. Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Land)