Public Workshops

Conducted over one day, you will be introduced to various lean concepts at our Public Workshops. Each month brings about a different theme, and regardless of the industry that you are in, these concepts can be applied immediately at your workplace.

These workshops are open to members of the public.

Contemporary Management Practices (Module 1)

20 Oct 2022 (Thu)

In today’s business landscape, organisations may not be able to sustain if they become stagnant in their practices. To keep up with the evolving market needs, organisations will have to formulate innovative and smart ways to remain relevant and be at the top of their game. In this course, participants will examine contemporary management practices that successful organisations have weaved into their culture to stay competitive in the industry.

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Lean for Operations Excellence

20 Sep 2022 (Thu)

In today’s economy, companies face high expectations from the customer and intense pressure from the competition. Companies are always looking for ways to be faster, better and cheaper. In this course, you will learn to take a deeper look at your operations and how to apply Lean methodology to achieve operations excellence.

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Understand and Improve your Operations through A3 Structured Problem Solving (Lean)

13 Oct 2022 (Thu)

Businesses are filled with complexities that may derail carefully conceived strategies. In this course, you will learn how you can simplify these complexities into manageable segments. By applying Lean structured problem solving methods, you will be shown step-by-step how complex issues are turned into sustainable solutions.

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Understand and Improve your Operations through Value Stream Mapping (Lean)

1 Dec 2022 (Thu)

Work is basically made up of processes. Optimization of these processes will therefore lead to better work outcomes.
In this course, participants learn to map work processes clearly, spot problematic areas and identify opportunities for improvement.

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