The Mapletree Challenge - The Semi-Final

The Mapletree Challenge - The Semi-Final

The Semi-Final, 19 March 2020

The Semi-Final showcases twelve teams as they make their project pitch to a panel of judges. The twelve teams will  

  • Share their proposed sustainable innovation with a broad audience
  • Receive useful feedback on their innovations from industry and university leaders
  • Put themselves and their project teammates in a position to advance onward
  • Move to six teams! These six Challengers will go forward to The Mapletree Challenge Grand Final, which will be held at Mapletree Business City on 23 April.

Selection Process

  1. Twelve shortlisted Challengers selected will present their sustainability project innovations to a panel of four judges representing SIT and industry.
  2. Each Challenger team or individual will have 10 to 12 minutes to present, followed by 3 minutes of question and answer (Q&A).
  3. At the end of Semi-Final, six final Challengers will be chosen to advance to The Mapletree Challenge Grand Final.


Before the semi-final, each Challenger team and individual should schedule an appointment at the Communication Helpdesk and take the opportunity to meet Asst Prof Moshood to discuss their presentation.


Dr Moshood Olawale Fadeyi
Assistant Professor/ Deputy Programme Director
Singapore Institute of Technology

Dr Moshood Olawale Fadeyi is an architect, indoor air quality professional, a cartoonist, Chartered Engineer, and Chartered Construction Manager. He is an Assistant Professor and Deputy Programme Director of the Sustainable Infrastructure Engineering (Building Services) programme at the Singapore Institute of Technology. He is a former Singapore National Taekwondo Champion.


Ms Grace Kang
Managing Partner

Grace Kang is managing partner of Greenview, a sustainability consulting and research firm providing hospitality organizations with their strategy, programs, and reporting, and hospitality industry with industry insight, trends and benchmarks. She oversees Greenview’s Asia operations as well as co-develops the company’s business plan and growth strategy.

Professor Jeff Obbard
Visiting Professor
Cranfield University

Dr Jeff Obbard, formerly of the National University of Singapore, is Visiting Professor (Singapore) for the School of Water, Energy & Environment at Cranfield University in the UK. He is also a consultant on environmental sustainability projects in Singapore and Southeast Asia, acting on behalf of the United Nations, the Singapore government and many other institutions.

Associate Professor Lee Kwee Hiong
Associate Professor, Cluster Director (Engineering)
Singapore Institute of Technology

Associate Professor Lee is currently the Cluster Director for Engineering where he oversees over 14 engineering programmes. Prior to joining SIT, A/P Lee has more than 15 years of industry experience starting with Hewlett Packard (HP) Singapore. His experience in academia started at the National University of Singapore (NUS) before moving out to industry where his focus was in the domains of medical, instrumentation and aerospace.

Intellectual Property (IP)

  • The Mapletree Challenger(s) retain/s full IP rights for the innovation entered in The Mapletree Challenge.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print and distribute images and/or descriptions of the innovations submitted for The Mapletree Challenge.
  • The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use, reproduce, publish, print, edit and distribute the names of any participants and photographs and videos of The Mapletree Challenge.

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