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Develop a Lean Mindset to Achieve Organisational Success

In a world that is evolving rapidly, being lean as an organisation is no longer a competitive advantage. Rather, it is a minimum requirement to navigate the shifting landscape in a sustainable manner.
Managers and leaders alike need to inculcate this as a philosophy, a way of thinking in the
organisation, and persist in doing so until it is a core tenet.
LTIC’s coaches and core programmes are here to help you do just that through two forms of Workshops: Public Workshops and Corporate Workshops
Public Workshops

Public Workshops

Conducted over one day, you will be introduced to various lean concepts at our Public Workshops. Each month brings about a different theme and regardless of the industry that you are in, these concepts can be applied immediately at your workplace.

These Workshops are open to members of the public.

Interactive workshops

1 day 

Key Takeaway(s):
• Gain familiarity with different areas of lean delivered through bite-sized, application-ready lessons.

Upcoming Public Workshops

Lean Workshop- Continuous Flow

Lean Workshop: Continuous Flow

Through this workshop, you will learn how to apply continuous flow to optimise value delivery to your customers.

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Lean Workshop- Lean for Audit, Tax and Finance Professionals

Lean Workshop: Lean for Audit, Tax and Finance Professionals

Through this 2-day programme, you will learn how to raise the auditing/accounting performance bar and improve processes in your organisation.

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Lean Workshop- Understand and Improve Your Operations Through A3 Structured Problem Solving

Lean Workshop: Understand and Improve Your Operations Through A3 Structured Problem Solving

Learn how to apply A3 thinking as an integral part of your day-to-day work, and use it as a problem-solving tool and a management process.

Coming Soon

Corporate Workshops

The emphasis of our workshops lies in building and imbuing key practical skills while your participating team undertakes real day-to-day work.

Interactive workshops, hands-on learning, one-to-one coaching

2, 4, 6, 8 days – depending on depth of engagement

Key Takwaway(s):
• Be equipped with a broad spectrum of lean skills
• Benefit from our customised approach in studying the internal processes of your organisation and making specific  recommendations for improvements.
• Enjoy on-site engagements conducted within your premises.

To realise the effectiveness of the programme, at least 8 participants should be involved. This requirement can be waived for smaller organisations.

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Corporate Workshops