The Centre for Communication Skills (CCS) conducts communication modules which are incorporated in SIT degree programmes. Modules are designed to improve students’ English language proficiency and help them develop communication skills for both their studies and future workplace, that will benefit them upon graduation.


Communication Modules

The CCS modules fall into the following four categories.

1. Academic Writing

Writing modules help students further develop their academic writing skills in their content-focused modules.

Skills taught include:

  • The use of academic language features in writing
  • Paraphrasing, summarising, and incorporating salient points in a text
  • Paragraph, essay, and report writing
  • Understanding the need for academic integrity while using in-text citations and end-of-text references
  • Editing one’s own work
  • Communicating ideas clearly, concisely and coherently

2. Professional Communication or Writing in the Workplace

Such modules prepare students for meeting the communication demands of professional settings.

Skills taught include:

  • The use of professional features in writing
  • Formal letter and email writing
  • Preparation of professional documents and reports
  • Interpersonal and intercultural skills
  • Meeting, team-building and leadership training
  • Editing one’s own work
  • Communicating ideas clearly, concisely and coherently.

3. Writing in the Disciplines

These modules are developed typically in the form of embedded instruction within content-focused modules with substantial communication requirements.

4. Career Skills

The career and professional development modules prepare students for their career search in a participatory way. Segments include:

  • Career planning and management
  • Cover letter and resume writing
  • Interview skills
  • Job search strategies

Initiative - Mapletree Challenge

The Singapore Institute of Technology is pleased to announce an exciting learning initiative, titled ‘The Mapletree Challenge’. With the objective of benefitting students from across all five academic clusters, the initiative is supported generously by Mapletree Investments Pte Ltd and is designed to enhance the communication, personal branding, and entrepreneurial skills of SIT students.

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