Stéfan Visser

Stéfan Visser

Stéfan studied Electro technique and is educated in general management and production and Lean management. He works as a senior trainer and coach for Lean Management Institute since March 2007. Stéfan learned about Lean for the first time in 2001 at his employer, market leader in mobile sanitation systems, refrigerators, cooking equipment and toilet additives.

Next to teaching Lean at different levels (Green Belt - Master Black Belt and Lean tool workshops), he is working as a consultant in different industries like Construction, Government, Healthcare, Services and Logistics. Stéfan supports management teams in deploying Lean and motivates employees with practical ‘on the job’ support to bring real change. Stéfan is also a Management Drives Partner. Management Drives improves the performance of organisations by increasing the effectivity of employees and showing teams how to work together in the most efficient way.

From 2001, Stéfan helped in setting up a new factory (refrigerators) with Lean and was the production manager of 60 employees in four departments. He organized new production lines (U shaped cells, 5S, KanBan), deployed performance and operational management, created help‐chains, multi-model lines, etc. Results: building time down with over 60% per fridge, visual management throughout the entire factory, working on Takttime, quality assurance in the line, and very high motivation with employees.

Stéfan is strong in supporting people, also in difficult situations, in deployment performance management and applying Lean. He is a real team player and with his experience as a leader in a production environment has a good understanding of what the job requires. Stéfan loves coaching and motivating people so they can achieve their goals.

The following companies have been among his significant clients:

  • Stedin (Energy)
  • Joulz (Energy)
  • Oberthur (Credit cards)
  • Checkpoint (Theft prevention)
  • Kemetyl (Car maintenance, Process industry)
  • Comatech (Factory)
  • Erasmus MC (Healthcare)
  • Daniel den Hoed – Kanker instituut (Healthcare)
  • NKI-AVL (Healthcare)
  • Philip Morris International
  • Rijkswaterstaat
  • Ministeriy of Infrastructure and Environment
  • KBR (Construction)
  • Lexmark (Printers & Copiers)
  • Rockwool/ Rockfon (Insulation material)
  • Scheuten Glass (Glass supplier)
  • NS Reizigers Veiligheid en HR (Transport)
  • Sibelco (Minerals)
  • Sara Lee (Coffee and Tea)
  • Port of Amsterdam
  • Momentive (Specialty Chemicals)
  • Neste Oil (Biodiesel)
  • Kloet Vlaardingen BV (Construction)