Rob van Gorkom

Rob van Gorkom

Rob van Gorkom

Rob studied business economics MBA at Groningen University. He started his career in financial services in which he occupied positions in marketing, sales, product & process management. Since 2004 his sole focus is process improvement and Lean Management as an independent consultant. From 2012, Rob has been with Lean Management Instituut as a senior consultant and trainer of the Lean Postgraduate Program. His motto: “I teach Lean in order to practise, I practise Lean in order to teach”.

The following companies have been among his significant clients:

Retail / Manufacturing

  • Miele
  • Royal FloraHolland
  • Rockwool
  • Nutreco
  • Aniks
  • Baxter

Financial Services

  • VGZ
  • Cunningham Lindsey

Infrastructure / Construction

  • Dura Vermeer Construction
  • Era Contour
  • Thunnissen
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment