Workplace Learning Projects

Course Level
Beginner / Intermediate
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8 training days over 3 months
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At a Glance

Through our Workplace Learning Projects, you will glean insights on organisational problem-solving through an immersive process that will prove to be an invaluable experience.


Key Takeaways

  • Benefit from the opportunity to simultaneously solve an existing business problem whilst being trained to do so 
  • Enjoy an on-site work-learn experience that saves traveling time.
  • Learn new and emerging industry skills.

How We Work

The Learning Enterprise Model focuses on training companies to co-create solutions to their day to-day business challenges. We give you the appropriate skills to kick-start the project, and later introduce you to complex and purposeful training as the project unfolds.
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What We Offer

In all true workplace learning projects, the enterprise needs to be at the heart of what we do. We understand the needs of organisations and customize our programmes to co-create solutions.
The Lean Project

The Lean! Project

Learn how to apply lean techniques through customised on-site activities, project coaching and facilitated classroom training.

The Kaizen Project

The Kaizen Project (A Competency-based Workplace Learning Project in Lean Thinking and Practice)

Customised for SMRT’s vendors and contractors, learn how to apply Kaizen techniques with coaching provided by trained SMRT & SIT staff.

Innovation Management

Workplace Learning Project (Innovation Management)

Designed for local companies to learn more about Change Management and Design Innovation and apply it within their organisations with coaching by trained SIT faculty and staff.

Why Work With Us

Following a deep-dive consultation with our team, we synergise expertise from the five specialised clusters at SIT to meet industry needs.

Business, Communication and Design
Business, Communication and Design
Food, Chemical and Biotechnology
Food, Chemical and Biotechnology
Health and Social Sciences
Health and Social Sciences
Infocomm Technology
Infocomm Technology
Some of our ongoing projects areas include:
  • Reliability/Stress Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, Condition Monitoring
  • Tribology, Lubricant Analysis
  • Materials Analysis, Metallurgy, Corrosion & Welding
  • Reliability Analysis, Reliability Centered Maintenance, FMECA, Mechanical System Design
  • Design of Maintenance Tools, Corrosion of Infrastructure
  • IoT Solution
  • Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics, System Reliability Analysis
Require Other Areas of Expertise?
Our consultation sessions serve to bridge your interest areas and the relevant expertise
to address them.
If you have an area that is not listed above, do let us know during your
scheduled consultation and we will be happy to source the expertise for you.

Programme Structure

Our programme structure can be customised to cater to your organisation’s operational requirements.

workplace learning project programme structure

8 training days over 3 months

Minimum 3 key staff to be involved in each Workplace Learning Project

Up to 90% and 70% SSG subsidy for SMEs and non-SMEs respectively

$5,000 prototyping fund available for each Workplace Learning Project

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Making Impact
Where It Matters

Here at NACE@SIT, we aspire to journey with companies to develop their workplace capabilities.