The Technology, Enterprise & Innovation division strives to inculcate an enterprising spirit, build a vibrant entrepreneurship ecosystem and support good business ideas. We have incubation facilities where students can fine-tune their ideas and network with other enterprise students.

Our Enterprise Immersion Programmes, conducted both locally and overseas, equip students with business management skills and expose them to the best business practices in the region, such as China and Japan.

We also engage industry partners as mentors to guide our start-ups and provide seed funding to support their implementation.

Entrepreneurs and companies are welcome to participate in our efforts by:

Enterprise Sharing

We strive to develop a realistic and practical entrepreneurship programme by working closely with entrepreneurs and senior management representatives from different industries. Our Enterprise Immersion Programme equips students with business skills and gives them the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs, business people and professionals.

Some of the ways we work with industry include company visits and talks, sharing by entrepreneurs, curation of case studies, shadowing of entrepreneurs, internship, just to list a few. We are open to other initiatives by companies to expose our students to environments that will help them to better understand the entrepreneurial journey.

Providing Mentorship to Start-ups

We have a pool of experienced mentors to help both students and start-ups implement their business plans. The mentors are either entrepreneurs or senior management level executives who come from various industries and areas of expertise. With their wealth of experience, the mentors will advise, share their knowledge and ease the learning curve of students and start-ups. 

The students and mentors have regular contact time to go through business issues and plans. We also have mentors and professionals who have deep expertise in areas such as Business Law and Human Resource.


Part of the entrepreneurs’ ethos is to give back to the community. In addition to students learning and experiencing entrepreneurship, we are also on the lookout for students and individuals who would readily contribute back to the community and assume leadership positions. We intend to groom them so that they can be the catalysts and activists for the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We are open to work with companies or individuals on grooming such talents. Sponsorships, training programmes, and work attachments are some other possible collaborations.

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