Facilitating digital literacy to address life after retirement in seniors

Digital health literacy

One of the challenges faced by the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) is to ensure that online services for senior users and their caregivers who are not digitally literate are made accessible.

CLASIC reached out to the SIT Health and Social Sciences cluster faculty members to explore the possibility of developing student projects to address the concerns by NCSS. With help from the Community for Successful Ageing at Tsao Foundation, SIT’s nursing senior lecturer Ms Jade Soh worked with her students and the Agency of Integrated Care to help seniors who experience loneliness after retirement.

The project team conducted focus group discussions on the feasibility of  installing digital tools such as the HealthHub app and users’ emergency information in mobile phones. Seniors using the app would be able to apply the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model in their lives to improve self-awareness.
As part of the project, SIT students produced a bilingual video to guide seniors on how to use Zoom, a video conferencing app. Seniors were encouraged to keep in touch with loved ones and participate in social activities.