Problem Statements

  1. How might we leverage technology to develop interesting and interactive modes of technical training for accounting professionals, in order to meet their upskilling needs?
  2. How might we use technology to identify skills and competency gaps that potential recruits and current employees have, to assess 'the right fit'  for the organisation and reduce hiring costs? 
  3. How might the accounting sector better optimise manpower and/or augment the existing workforce, to deal with varying levels of resources required during peak and off-peak periods? 
  4. How might we leverage technology to gather relevant industry-specific information to enable assessment of risk factors in the planning stage of audit engagements, in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of audits? 
  5. How might we leverage technology to streamline mundane parts of the audit process that contain manual and time-consuming tasks such as vouching and reconciliations, so that auditors can save time, reduce errors and focus on higher-value work?
  6. How might we develop an industry-wide knowledge platform to allow accounting professionals to conduct relevant and accurate technical research on accounting and auditing issues?
  7. How might we use technology to optimise working capital in companies so that finance departments can better optimise working capital requirements and facilitate effective capital management strategies?

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