Accounting Technology & Innovation Centre 

The Accounting Technology & Innovation Centre (AccTech Centre) is a resource centre that facilitates collaboration, catalysing technology and business innovation in the accounting sector.

Through AccTech Centre, local accounting entities will have the opportunity to work with SIT faculty, technology partners, and government agencies to innovate processes, service delivery, products, and business models.

Partnering AccTech Centre

Leverage on SIT’s Resources 
  • Expertise from SIT faculty in assisting companies to develop innovative technologies and business models 
  • Access to SIT students for support of industry projects 
Industry Collaborations
  • Company projects on technology innovation
  • Networking opportunities with thought leaders and technology partners

We work with companies to facilitate industry partnerships, to solve real-world problems faced by the industry. These collaborations could be relevant to your organisation. For potential collaborations, click here to find out more about some challenges that the industry is currently facing, or you may also tell us more about  specific challenges that your business is facing.

Training & Upskilling
  • Workshops & Symposiums on Advanced Accounting Technologies   
  • Training & Certifications by SITLEARN  Professional Development

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