Sub-Branding Overview

As the SIT brand gains recognition, it is of utmost importance that a unified and consistent image is projected across all sub-brands. This will help the sub-brands to make a meaningful and lasting impression with existing and new audiences.





Renditions of the logo should be clear at all times to ensure maximum visibility. X is the height of the Dynamic Black box in the logo. Y is the width of the 'S' in 'SIT'. The example illustrates the construction of the sub-logo, which is to be adhered to at all times. An approval from the President or Provost is required for the creation of sub-logo.

The recommended usage guidelines:

  1. Must be used in its entirety with no other logos or icons to be added to it.

  2. Should only be used if the entity owns a microsite in SIT’s website.

  3. Should only be used in marketing collaterals, such as brochures, publications, flyers and banners, where information or events are unique to the entity.

  4. Should not be used for institute-level events, activities and collaterals such as corporate stationery, corporate gifts, student giveaways, etc. The primary logo should be used instead.

Minimum Size



It is important that the logo is clear and visible at all times. Therefore, the minimum size for reproducing the logo is 10mm.
Clear Space and Minimum Size Requirements: 10mm minimum for print/40px for web