SIT Logo


SIT Primary Logo Overview image


Our full-colour logo encapsulates the authenticity, energy, diversity, and dynamism that define our values and institution. By making it visible, we reinforce a distinct and consistent visual identity that appeals to our audiences. This, in turn, establishes a solid and lasting connection with our University.

The logo consists of two boxes – in Zest Red and Dynamic Black – merged with tilts to create a fluid, dynamic form. This reflects SIT’s ability to stay relevant and nimble to meet the challenges of a dynamic and ever-evolving higher education landscape. Zest Red exudes the aspirations and vibrancy of the brand while Dynamic Black positions SIT as a professional and forward-thinking institute.

The four red triangles represent the collaborative model between SIT, our Overseas University Partners, Industry Partners and our Students, coming together as catalysts for Singapore’s economic future.

As part of the logotype, the letter “I” occupies a position of central importance, emphasising SIT’s focus on applied learning, progress and fulfilment for its students. The red dot symbolises Singapore, where the best degree programmes, along with those from around the world, are now housed under SIT.