Corporate Name Card

A corporate name card is an important brand touch point that forms the first impression of the institute. It is pertinent that the guidelines for the name card are adhered to in order to ensure that a uniform brand image is projected. Brand graphics are to be standardised at angles of 10 degrees, 80 degrees and a right angle at corners of the collateral to form a triangular brand graphic.

H54mm x W90mm

Logo Height

Colour Code
Black K100, Red Pantone 485

Typography A
Avenir 85 Heavy, Point 6.5pt, Leading 7.5pt

Typography B
Avenir 85 Heavy, Point 6.5pt

Typography C
Avenir Black, Point 8pt

Typography D
STHeiti Regular, Point 7.5pt

Typography E
Avenir 85 Heavy, Point 6pt, Leading 7.5pt

Typography F
Avenir 85 Heavy, Point 5.5pt

Typography G
Avenir 55 Roman, Point 6pt

Typography H
STHeiti Regular, Point 9pt

For staff holding two portfolios with dual designations, an exception can be made to the name card design.