CPF Education Scheme

CPF Education Scheme

AY2020 Application Period

  • Term 1: 5 Jun - 15 Jul 2020

As a student taking a full-time government subsidised course leading to a degree at an approved educational institution, you may apply for a loan from your own or your parent's CPF savings to pay for your tuition fees. A video guide to the online application process can be found here​​

Application Procedure:

  • SC/PR: Student is to log on with your SingPass to ‘myCPF online services’ and submit your online application via ‘My Requests’.
  • International Student: AES/F1 application form to be submitted in hardcopy to institution by application deadline. 


Singapore Citizens (SC)/Permanent Residents (PR)/International Students (IS) who are receiving the MOE Tuition Grant are eligible to apply for the CPF Education Scheme (CPFES). 


  • Up to 100% of subsidised tuition fee payable by undergraduate students.
  • CPF member may only use up to 40% of accumulated savings in the ordinary account, excluding amounts withdrawn for housing.
  • The CPF Education Scheme does not cover annual fees, Overseas Immersion Programme and additional charges for top-up or bridging modules.

Guarantor Requirements:

Singapore Citizens/Permanent Residents: The CPF Board has waived the requirement for a student to provide a guarantor for new applications received with effect from 1 April 2005. However, the CPF Board reserves the right to require a student to furnish a guarantor acceptable to the Board when it is deemed necessary.

**International Students who are applying for the CPFES have to furnish details of a guarantor upon application.


Interest starts accruing from the day of withdrawal and is pegged to the prevailing CPF Ordinary Account interest rate.


  • Repayment will start one year after the date of graduation or date of leaving the educational institution, whichever is earlier.
  • The repayment can be made in one lump or in monthly instalments over a maximum period of 12 years. The minimum repayment per month is S$100.

Usage of PSEA for Repayment of Approved Loan Schemes: 

PSEA holders may utilise the funds remaining in their respective PSEA to repay the CPFES after successful graduation from the programme, i.e. PSEA holder must have left the institution of study prior to using the PSEA for the repayment of any approved loan scheme. 

The PSEA can be used to repay the principal loan amount, and any interest charged in respect of the loan or financing scheme that is payable by the PSEA account holder as part of the outstanding loan. 

PSEA holders can only use their own PSEA for the repayment of approved loan schemes, minimum withdrawal amount is $100, as per the minimum monthly repayment sum for the approved loan schemes.

For more information on the usage of the PSEA for repayment of approved loan schemes, please click here.

The Loan Repayment Application Form is also available here. Students are strongly encouraged to understand the rules of usage of the PSEA prior to submission of the form.

Other Information:

  • Please refer to the application schedule.

  • Further Information on the CPF Education Scheme can be found on the CPF website. The application forms for IS is also available for download. 

  • Please contact CPFB Education Scheme Division at tel: 6229 3377 or email: education@cpf.gov.sg if you have further queries.


**Important to Note:

The CPF Education Scheme is a loan scheme which enables members to use CPF savings from their Ordinary Account to pay for their children's, spouses’ or their own tuition fees. The CPF Board will only consider the use of sibling's or relative's CPF savings on a case-by-case basis. The student has to repay the amount withdrawn plus interest, in cash, subsequently into the payer’s Ordinary Account. Repayment commences one year after the student graduates or leaves the educational institution. This scheme covers full-time subsidised programmes at approved local educational institutions and is for the payment of MOE subsidised tuition fees only, i.e. CPF savings cannot be used for tuition fees in the 1st or 2nd extended year of candidature (beyond normal candidature) and any semester where the tuition fees are not subsidised by MOE. This scheme does not cover miscellaneous or other fees.