Dr Lu Liming

SIT Faculty

Dr Lu Liming

Assistant Professor

PhD in Computer Science, National University of Singapore

Cluster:  Infocomm Technology


+65 6592 3494


Academic Qualifications

PhD in Computer Science
National University of Singapore

Bachelor (Hons) in Computing
National University of Singapore


Academic Appointment

SIT Appointment
Assistant Professor, from 2016



Certified Organizational Systems Security Analyst

NUS postgraduate scholarship

MOE undergraduate scholarship


Current Research, Funded Research and Publications

Selected Publications

J Yu, L Lu, P Xiao, Z Li, Y Zhou, “Monitoring, analyzing and characterizing lookup traffic in a large-scale DHT”. Computer Communications 34(13): 1622-1629 (2011).

EC Chang, L Lu, Y Wu, R HC Yap, J Yu, “Enhancing host security using external environment sensors”. Int. J. Inf. Sec. 10(5): 285-299 (2011).

L Lu, EC Chang, MC Chan, “Website Fingerprinting and Identification using Ordered Feature Sequences”. In proc. of European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) 2010: 199-214.

J Yu, C Fang, L Lu and Z Li, "A Lightweight Mechanism to Mitigate Application Layer DDoS Attacks", in proc. of ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems (INFOSCALE) 2009: 175-191.