Dr Leslie Loo


Dr Leslie Loo

Associate Professor

PhD (Chemical Engineering), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cluster:  Chemical Engineering and Food Technology


+65 6592 8526


Academic Qualifications

PhD (Chemical Engineering) 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BSc (Chemical Engineering)
Rice University


Academic Appointments

SIT Appointment

Deputy Cluster Director, from 2017

Associate Professor, from 2016



Nanyang Award – Excellence in Teaching, 2007


Professional Membership and Industrial Activities

Chairman of Accreditation Committee, School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, NTU

2008 – 2010


Member of the following Honour Societies

  • Phi Beta Kappa - Member
  • Tau Beta Pi - Member
  • Phi Lambda Upsilon - Member


Current Research, Funded Research and Publications

Research Interests

  1. Polymer and polymer nanocomposites
  2. Mechanical properties, molecular structure and dynamics


Representative Funding

  • AcRF Tier 1 Grant “Development of novel biodegradable green nanocomposites with enhanced properties” (Mar 2011 – Feb 2014)
    PI: $198369 
  • AcRF Tier 2 Grant “Investigation of surface properties of polymer nanocomposites” (Dec 2005 – Apr 2009)

    PI: $561191 


Representative Publications

  • Zhang XG*, Loo LS (2012) “Variable temperature Fourier transform infrared studies of matrix-nanofiller interactions in amorphous polyamide/layered silicate nanocomposites,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 126, E371-379.
  • Zhang XG*, Bhuvana S#, Loo LS (2012) “Characterization of layered silicate dispersion in polymer nanocomposites using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science 125, E175-E180.
  • Chen Jiahui*, Loo LS, Wang K (2011) “Enhanced mechanical properties of novel chitosan nanocomposite fibers,” Carbohydrate Polymers 86, 1151-1156.
  • Zhou Q*, Pramoda KP, Lee J-M, Wang K, Loo LS (2011) “Role of interface in dispersion and surface energetics of polymer nanocomposites containing hydrophilic POSS and layered silicates,” Journal of Colloid And Interface Science 355, 222-230.
  • Zhou Q*, Wang K, Loo LS (2011) “Investigation of surface properties of plasma-modified polyamide 6 and polyamide 6/layered silicate nanocomposites,” Journal of Materials Science 46, 3084-3093.
  • Zhou Q*, Wang K, Loo LS, (2009). “Synthesis of novel hybrid films of a layered silicate and alkylammonium cations on rough polymeric surfaces by Langmuir–Blodgett method,” Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 340, 249-253.
  • Zhang XG*, Loo LS, (2009). “Study of Glass Transition and Reinforcement Mechanism in Polymer/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite,” Macromolecules 42, 5196-5207.
  • Zhang XG*, Loo LS, (2009). “Synthesis and thermal oxidative degradation of a novel amorphous polyamide/nanoclay nanocomposite,” Polymer 50, 2643-2654.
  • Zhang XG*, Loo LS, (2008). “Morphology and Mechanical Properties of a Novel Amorphous Polyamide/Nanoclay Nanocomposite,” Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics 46, 2605-2617.
  • Loo LS, Gleason KK, (2004). “Investigation of polymer and nanoclay orientation distribution in nylon 6/montmorillonite nanocomposite,” Polymer 45, 5933-5939.
  • Loo LS, Gleason KK, (2003). “Insights into structure and mechanical behavior of α and γ crystal forms of nylon 6 at low strain by infrared studies,” Macromolecules 36, 6114-6126.
  • Loo LS, Gleason KK, (2003). “Fourier Transform Infrared Investigation of the Deformation Behavior of Montmorillonite in Nylon 6/nanoclay Nanocomposite,” Macromolecules 36, 2587-2590.
  • Loo LS, Cohen RE and Gleason KK, (2000). “Chain Mobility in the Amorphous Region of Nylon 6 under Active Uniaxial Deformation Observed by Deuterium Nuclear Magnetic Resonance,” Science 288, 116.