Dr Jiow Hee Jhee

SIT Faculty

Dr Jiow Hee Jhee

PhD (Communications & New Media), National University of Singapore

Assistant Professor

Cluster:  Health and Social Sciences


+65 6592 2128


Academic Qualifications

PhD (Communications & New Media)
National University of Singapore

National University of Singapore

BSc (Chemistry)
National University of Singapore


Academic Appointments

Singapore Institute of Technology

Assistant Professor, from 2016

Lecturer, 2015 - 2016

Programme Director, from 2017

Deputy Programme Director, 2016-2017


Teaching Excellence Award – Singapore Institute of Technology
2015 - 2016

Australia Endeavour Award – Department of Education (Australia)
2014 - 2015

Research Scholarship - National University of Singapore
2013 – 2014

Graduate Students’ Teaching Award Honor Roll - National University of Singapore
2012 - 2013

Professional Membership and Industrial Activities


Current Research, Funded Research and Publications

Research Interests

Impact of media on the family, media law and ethics, cyber wellness and cybercrime studies


Funded Research

Ignition Grant (Singapore Institute of Technology) for project titled “Protection Motivation Theory Based Digital Media Security Programmes” - Principal Investigator

Ignition Grant (Singapore Institute of Technology) for project titled “Video Game Repository for Parents” - Principal Investigator [Completed 31 May 2017]




Workshops and Conferences

  • Jiow, H. J., Athwal, R., Chew, L. L., Elias, M. H., Lim, N., Ng, X. Y., & Woo, K. (2017, April). Perceptions of Video Gaming Careers and its Implications on Parental Mediation. Popular Culture Association / American Culture Association 2017 Annual Conference. San Diego, US, April 14.
  • Jiow, H. J., Chew, L. L., Lim, N, & Ng, X. Y. (2016, October). Emerging Interactivities In Video Gaming And Its Implication On Parental Mediation. International Conference on Well-Being. SIM University, Singapore, October 31.
  • Jiow, H. J. & Woo, K. (2016, October). A Shift in Media Addiction Discourse. International Conference on Well-Being. SIM University, Singapore, October 31.
  • Jiow, H. J., Athwal, R., Chew, L. L., Elias, M. H., Lim, N., & Woo, K. (2016, September). Revisiting video game ratings: Shift from content-centric to parent-centric approach. i-COME'16: International Conference on Communication and Media (An International Communication Association Regional Conference). Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 18-20.
  • Jiow, H. J., Lin, J., & Lim, S. S. (2016, July). Influence of Parenting Style on Mediation of Gaming – Differences between Authoritative Parents and Neglectful Parents. International Association for Media and Communication Research - IAMCR 2016. University of Leicester, UK, July 28.
  • Jiow, H. J., Lim, S. S., & Lin, J. (2016, June). Game On: Refining the parental mediation framework for a video gaming landscape. Communicating with Power: 2016 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association. Fukuoka, Japan, June 11.
  • Jiow, H. J. & Morales, S. (2014, April). Lateral Surveillance in Singapore. 6th Biannual Surveillance & Society Conference 2014, Barcelona, April 24-26.
  • Jiow, H. J. & Morales, S. (2013, October). Perceptions and Effects of Surveillance in Singapore. Global Internet Governance Academic Network 8th Annual Symposium 2013, Bali, October 21.
  • Jiow, H. J. (2012, November). Singapore’s Regulation of Cybercrime. Conference for eDemocracy and Social Media CeDEM-Asia 2012, Singapore, November 14-15.
  • Jiow, H. J. & Lin, J. (2012, July). The influence of parental factors on children’s receptiveness towards mobile phone location disclosure services. 3rd International Conference on Geographies of Children, Young People and Families, Singapore, July 11-13.
  • Jiow, H. J. & Lim, S. S. (2012, May). The Evolution of Video Games and Growing Challenges for Parental Mediation. Communication and Community: 2012 Annual Conference of the International Communication Association, Arizona, May 24-28.
  • Jiow, H. J. (2008, November). Investigating Time Spent as an Indicator of Problematic Internet Gaming. 9th Humanities Graduate Research Conference: Emerging place(s)/Engaging culture(s), Perth, November 5-6.
  • Jiow, H. J. (2008, June). Investigating Problematic Internet Gaming in the Singaporean Context. Workshop on Internet Addiction Research in Asia, Philippines, June 16-17.