Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship Programme

Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship programme has the degree course alternating between coursework plus lab work at SIT and completing the practical phase of the program at the sponsoring company in Singapore. These sponsoring companies have R&D, regional headquarters, and regional business development functions based in Singapore. This gives students an opportunity to experience the dual studies model that is practiced by many overseas universities.

The Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship Pioneer programme does not require the student to study the German language, however we have integrated an overseas practical phase in the sponsor company’s headquarters in Germany. Any immersion into the German language is optional and up to the needs of the sponsoring company. There is also a compulsory exchange semester to USA weaved into the SEEMS programme. This will ensure that the student is well- exposed to an international suite of partners and clients by the time he/she graduates.

Upon graduation, the sponsoring company may also offer a permanent contract for deserving dual studies graduates. The Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship programme is in partnership with the following SIT’s Programme:

Interested students should hence apply to the relevant programme in SIT. After matriculation, they may apply to the sponsoring companies.

Sponsoring Organizations

Some of the organisations that are partners for the programme are Feinmetall, Festo, Heraeus, Infineon, Pepperl + Fuchs, Rohde & Schwarz, SICK, Uhlmann, and Bosch. 


Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident (preferred) for the Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship Pioneer programme
  • Strong interest in engineering and technology
  • Achieved good academic results
  • Possess good leadership and communication skills

Sponsorship Benefits

  • Partial support of university tuition fees
  • Monthly allowance in Singapore when not on internship
  • Paid internships (or IWSP) where the allowance will increase with responsibilities
  • Return flight to Germany and accommodation allowance for a German immersion program (optional)
  • Fees for learning German on a reimbursement basis (optional)
  • Sponsored students who complete the Dual Studies Industry Sponsorship programme who start work at the sponsoring company will be eligible for a committed performer bonus after 3 years of work at the sponsoring company
  • Sponsoring companies will mentor the sponsored students on technology, projects and work so that the sponsored students can get a headstart at work and in school


This is an unbonded sponsorship but sponsored students are advised to commence full-time employment with their sponsoring companies upon completion of studies.

Application 1 January - 31 December

Interested applicants are advised to email their details to SkillsFutureWS@SingaporeTech.edu.sg. Further instructions will be given upon receipt of the email