The healthier choice

Making a mid-career switch can be challenging. It can be daunting to start afresh in an unfamiliar industry which requires you to have a specialised set of skills. If you are thinking of exploring a career in the allied healthcare sector, the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) will ease you into your next career phase.

Prof Soon speaking to the crowd at the PCP Allied Healthcare Professional Career Previews at SIT@Dover
Prof Soon speaking to the crowd at the PCP Allied Healthcare Professional Career Previews at SIT@Dover

Before applying for the allied conversion programme in allied health programme, consider these:

  • Do you have a heart for people? “Empathy and compassion is important. When you feel the need and struggle of another human being, this will crystallise the meaning of why you’re doing what you’re doing,” said Prof Benjamin Soon, Programme Director for Physiotherapy, SIT.
  • Are you comfortable communicating? “Patients may be unmotivated to take part in therapy or unable to understand the benefits of therapy due to depression or personal biases that the body can recover on its own. Having good communication skills will allow you to build rapport with patients and their anxious family members, aiding them on a smoother journey to recovery,” said Prof May, Programme Director for Occupational Therapy, SIT.
  • Are you creative? “A patient may have the same diagnosis as another, but each treatment varies. You need to be creative and customise each treatment approach, which is also why the job never gets mundane,” said Prof May.

A healthcare professional addressing queries and concerns from interested mid-career professionals

Ready for a career in Singapore’s allied health sector? WDA’s Professional Conversion Programmes help jobseekers to re-skill themselves and to equip them with necessary knowledge and competencies for their new roles. Learn more about the PCP for physiotherapists, occupational therapists, diagnostic radiographers and get ready for a new beginning.