The Club with A Lion’s Heart

The SIT Civil Defence (CD) Lionhearter Club was set up in September 2017, in collaboration with Singapore Defence Force (SCDF) and SIT SGSecure Taskforce, with the mission of raising awareness on emergency preparedness, civil defence skills and fire safety in the university.

With 40 members to date, the club comprises SIT undergraduates who were former SCDF NSFs, army medics, nurses and members of the St John Brigade.

“The main objective of the club is to form a student body to render aid and respond efficiently in times of emergency, by equipping members with lifesaving skills and knowledge in an emergency response,” said Mohamad Hadi Bin Mohamad Najib, President of SIT CD Lionhearter Club and second-year student reading Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

The club conducts theory and practical lessons on first aid and basic emergency response fortnightly for the SIT student population. As Youth Ambassadors of SCDF, members are required to attend community emergency preparedness programmes conducted by SCDF, as well as undergo first aid and CPR-AED certification.

Apart from acquiring lifesaving skills, the SIT CD Lionhearter Club also engages with the community and young children in fun ways.

On 23 December 2017, 30 SIT undergraduates including members of the club and those reading Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education brought a dozen children from PCF Sparkletots Preschool@Taman Jurong to Central Fire Station for a visit. Prior to this visit, the undergraduates were also involved in a skit rehearsal at the kindergarten with the children.

Visit to Central Fire Station for kindergarten children.










SCDF personnel showing children how to use the fire fighting equipment.


Commented Hadi, “The event was a fun and engaging eye-opener for both SIT undergraduates and the children. It was a really touching moment when the children showed their appreciation for the SCDF personnel through their performance and appreciation letters. We hope to organise more of such public education activities in the near future.”

Children performing a skit for SCDF personnel.

Group photo at the end of the event.