Suspension of all official overseas trips

In line with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) expanded travel restrictions due to the increase in the number of countries affected by COVID-19, the Ministry of Education (MOE), together with the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), have decided to suspend all official overseas student programmes and activities.

SIT has suspended all its official trips, including overseas study trips, overseas work-study/internship programmes and overseas service-learning projects with immediate effect, until end July 2020. Staff and students are also encouraged to defer all personal travel overseas for the next 30 days, with effect from 16 March.

We are recalling all SIT students who are currently on overseas programmes. Affected students will be supported with alternative learning arrangements, at no additional cost, to minimise any delay to programme completion where possible. These alternative learning arrangements will be finalised and communicated to our students in due course.

The health and safety of the SIT community remains our utmost priority. We will continue with the necessary precautionary measures, including temperature screening and health declaration for all staff, students and visitors, as well as cancellation/postponement of non-essential activities, and implementation of e-learning for class sizes of over 50 people.

As part of our social distancing measures, SIT has implemented alternate seating arrangements in public spaces such as the food court. In addition, students are encouraged to spread out and sit further apart in lecture theatres, classrooms and the library, and when having discussions and social interactions.