SIT prepares students for job market at Career Nexus 2016












About 800 final-year students from the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) will gain a better understanding of the opportunities and expectations in the job market as they meet and network with a select group of prospective employers at SIT’s Career Nexus 2016 on 2 March 2016.

Career Nexus 2016 is a one-day event organised by SIT for its graduating students and will be held at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. The event, previously known as the SIT Career Fair, promises to be a game-changer with its strategically interactive approach to career preparation, job search and recruitment. It provides a platform for sharing of knowledge and offers networking opportunities between students and potential employers to prepare SIT graduates for the job market.

About 100 corporations from a wide spectrum of engineering industries, the infocomm technology sector, and the public sector (government ministries and statutory boards) will participate in Career Nexus 2016. The event also allows SIT’s industry partners to be more actively involved in preparing students for the industry.












A key highlight of this career event will be the ‘Recruiters in Residence’ programme, which consists of a series of interviews conducted by senior HR executives from participating companies that are similar to the actual hiring practice. This segment aims to provide SIT’s final-year students with valuable feedback on their interview skills from companies such as Airbus Group Singapore, Caterpillar Asia, Accenture, Kellogg, Unilever, Pratt & Whitney, REC Solar and Rohde & Shwarz.












Career Nexus 2016 will also feature ‘Voices of Experience’ - an interactive discussion where can look forward to a panel sharing industry’s expectations of fresh graduates and The panel comprises industry partner representatives and alumni from companies such as Gemalto, Google, PSA and STATS ChipPAC.

Professor Tan Thiam Soon, President, SIT said, “Given the rapidly-evolving marketplace and the advent of new technologies, it is vital for companies to persistently push innovative thinking amongst their employees and adopt an entrepreneurial spirit that emphasises nimbleness to change.”

“We have positioned ourselves as the university that ‘future-proofs’ our students and graduates with real-world skills so that they remain relevant throughout their careers. And we do this in innovative ways, from the design of curriculum to forging of industry partnerships with SMEs, government agencies and MNCs, as well as working with our Overseas University partners to help our graduates stay ahead in the changing job market,” he added.

SIT has successfully woven into its teaching philosophy a unique pedagogy that integrates training and study for students by partnering with industry to offer specialised applied degree programmes that prepare graduates for the workforce. Such collaborations also provide a recruitment platform for participating employers looking to hire graduates who are equipped to learn, unlearn and relearn, and to actively apply theoretical knowledge to solve problems in a real work environment.

As a university of applied learning, SIT has adopted the approach of integrating learning, industry and community to ensure that its degree programmes are industry-focused and tailored to meet critical manpower demands in Singapore. SIT’s aim is to nurture a generation of ‘best-in-class specialists’ who will be catalysts for transformation within Singapore’s key economic sectors. To achieve this, its applied degree programmes are designed to prepare students to bring an innovative mind-set to the workplace.












SIT-I2R Research Collaboration

During the event, SIT and A*STAR's Institute for Infocomm Research (I²R), will ink a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for collaboration in applied research and innovation. This includes the development of joint proposals for external funding and joint training programs for SIT’s students.

About Singapore Institute of Technology

Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore’s new autonomous university of applied learning. It aims to be a leader in innovative university education by integrating learning, industry and community as part of its unique pedagogy. Partnering world-class universities, SIT offers applied degree programmes targeted at growth sectors of the economy. SIT also aims to cultivate in its students four distinctive traits, or the SIT-DNA, which will prepare them to be ‘thinking tinkerers’, who are ‘able to learn, unlearn and relearn’, be ‘catalysts for transformation’ and finally, become ‘grounded in the community’.