About i-Labs

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KH Roberts

i-Labs are teaching labs which are created with the curriculum in mind, that can be located either within the university or within the industry partner’s premises. Jointly set up by SIT and the Industry, these labs can be used by both students and industry partners to study and work on real-world industry issues.

The students will benefit from early industrial exposure and have a chance to translate theory to practice, which is truly applied learning in its finest form. They will gain practical experience to solve real work problems from the industry, thereby deepening their skill sets and competencies to prepare them for employment in various sectors.

Industry partners can gain early access to manpower and talent pipeline, and working with the University assists them to have resources in the form of expertise, equipment, etc. that can lead to innovative solutions to their challenges.

Email us at Innovate@Singaporetech.edu.sg for collaborations on i-Labs.